The Best of Sherlock Holmes


Conan Doyle Manuscripts:
Unconfirmed Facsimile Items


Most of the following items appear on the Checklist of Facsimiles of the Sherlock Holmes Stories. However, I have not yet been able to locate them and am relying on a reference from another source. If you have easy access to any of these items and would be willing to answer a few questions, please send me e-mail.


Cards & Handouts

-         None at this time


Auction Catalogues *

-         Sotheby's Preview (New York - June-July 1990) with a reproduction from The Valley of Fear


House of El Dieff (New York) Catalogues *

-         El Dieff catalogue, 1975 with a four-word reproduction from "The Resident Patient."


Books and Periodicals

-         None at this time




* The Bookseller and Auction Catalogues Supplement has additional information on other items.


A List of Citations sorted by publication title is also available.


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