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Conan Doyle Manuscript Images on the Internet

Compiled by Randall Stock


While most manuscript reproductions appear in print, a few are available on the web. The following items are all included in this site's Checklist of Facsimiles of the Sherlock Holmes Stories. However, that checklist includes more than 100 citations. Since web users are often in a hurry, these online pictures are also listed here for your convenience.


My identifier codes (e.g., FINA-111) refer to the Checklist entry for this item, which contains a full citation for the reproduction. Dates reflect when I first confirmed the item.


The Final Problem


FINA-111: Final Problem manuscript portion (Aug. 30, 2003).

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The Red Circle


REDC-101: Red Circle manuscript p1 (Aug. 30, 2003).

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REDC-102: Red Circle manuscript last page (Aug. 30, 2003).

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The Sign of the Four


SIGN-103: Sign of the Four Manuscript p1 (Aug. 30, 2003)



The Three Students


3STU-101: Three Students manuscript p1 (partial) (Jan. 27, 2007)

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If you know about any other online reproductions of Conan Doyle manuscripts, even from non-Holmes stories, please send me e-mail.




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