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Yale Missing Materials - Beeton's Christmas Annual 1887

By Randall Stock, 8 April 2005


Yale University holds several copies of Beeton's Christmas Annual for 1887.† Unfortunately it appears that one copy may be missing and that a key page from another copy has been stolen.† If you learn of someone trying to sell these items please report it immediately.† Details about other copies are available in the Beeton's Christmas Annual 1887 Checklist.


R16.† Yale Copy† (Beinecke Tinker 847;† Bergem # 8): Inscribed Leaf missing.

This is one of only three known copies to be inscribed by Conan Doyle.† It does not include original wrappers or ads.† However, it was inscribed (without signature) by ACD on the first text page.† In early March 2003 it was reported to Constantine Rossakis that this first leaf of text had been removed.† This was confirmed again in April 2003 and it was still missing as of March 2005.† Thus if you hear of a Beeton's with the first text page inscribed "With the Author's Compliments" or of the leaf by itself, you can report it to Ellen Cordes, Head of Public Services at the Beinecke Library at 1-203-432-2973.


See copy R16 on the Beeton's Checklist for more details.


RX2.† Yale Copy (SML Stacks Ia107 B393 28;† Bergem # 10): Copy missing.

This copy, from the Sterling Memorial Library stacks, was reported missing as of early March 2003.† After initiating a search, a librarian confirmed to Constantine Rossakis that it was still missing as of early April 2003.† The Orbis catalog entry is somewhat confusing as it also refers to another item (Ia107 B393 13-15) that includes three earlier Beeton's volumes as well as two related volumes.† However, it does not appear that the Holmes issue (Ia107 B393 28) was bound with any other material.† Any information on this copy can be reported to Todd Gilman, Librarian for Literature in English at the Sterling Memorial Library at 1-203-432-1761.


Both of these items are real losses for the Sherlockian community and bibliophiles in general.† We should do all we can to prevent anyone from profiting from these despicable actions.† Please send me e-mail if you learn anything new about these items.



The "R" numbers refer to the copy numbers on my Beeton's Checklist.† Bergem numbers refer to items listed in Phillip G. Bergem's "The 1887 Beetonís Christmas Annual: A History and Current Census" found in The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota Christmas Annual 2002.


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