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Abbreviations for the Sherlock Holmes Story Titles




Stories in order by Abbreviation


ABBEThe Abbey Grange
BERYThe Beryl Coronet
BLACBlack Peter
BLANThe Blanched Soldier
BLUEThe Blue Carbuncle
BOSCThe Boscombe Valley Mystery
BRUCThe Bruce-Partington Plans
CARDThe Cardboard Box
CHASCharles Augustus Milverton
COPPThe Copper Beeches
CREEThe Creeping Man
CROOThe Crooked Man
DANCThe Dancing Men
DEVIThe Devil's Foot
DYINThe Dying Detective
EMPTThe Empty House
ENGRThe Engineer's Thumb
FINAThe Final Problem
FIVEThe Five Orange Pips
GLORThe "Gloria Scott"
GOLDThe Golden Pince-Nez
GREEThe Greek Interpreter
HOUNThe Hound of the Baskervilles
IDENA Case of Identity
ILLUThe Illustrious Client
LADYThe Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
LASTHis Last Bow
LIONThe Lion's Mane
MAZAThe Mazarin Stone
MISSThe Missing Three-Quarter
MUSGThe Musgrave Ritual
NAVAThe Naval Treaty
NOBLThe Noble Bachelor
NORWThe Norwood Builder
PRIOThe Priory School
REDCThe Red Circle
REDHThe Red-Headed League
REIGThe Reigate Squires
RESIThe Resident Patient
RETIThe Retired Colourman
SCANA Scandal in Bohemia
SECOThe Second Stain
SHOSShoscombe Old Place
SIGNThe Sign of the Four
SILVSilver Blaze
SIXNThe Six Napoleons
SOLIThe Solitary Cyclist
SPECThe Speckled Band
STOCThe Stockbroker's Clerk
STUDA Study in Scarlet
SUSSThe Sussex Vampire
THORThe Problem of Thor Bridge
3GABThe Three Gables
3GARThe Three Garridebs
3STUThe Three Students
TWISThe Man with the Twisted Lip
VALLThe Valley of Fear
VEILThe Veiled Lodger
WISTWisteria Lodge
YELLThe Yellow Face





Stories in order by Story Title


Abbey GrangeABBE
Beryl CoronetBERY
Black PeterBLAC
Blanched SoldierBLAN
Blue CarbuncleBLUE
Boscombe Valley MysteryBOSC
Bruce-Partington PlansBRUC
Cardboard BoxCARD
Case of IdentityIDEN
Charles Augustus MilvertonCHAS
Copper BeechesCOPP
Creeping ManCREE
Crooked ManCROO
Dancing MenDANC
Devil's FootDEVI
Disappearance of
  Lady Frances Carfax
Dying DetectiveDYIN
Empty HouseEMPT
Engineer's ThumbENGR
Final ProblemFINA
Five Orange PipsFIVE
"Gloria Scott"GLOR
Golden Pince-NezGOLD
Greek InterpreterGREE
His Last BowLAST
Hound of the BaskervillesHOUN
Illustrious ClientILLU
Lion's ManeLION
Man with the Twisted LipTWIS
Mazarin StoneMAZA
Missing Three-QuarterMISS
Musgrave RitualMUSG
Naval TreatyNAVA
Noble BachelorNOBL
Norwood BuilderNORW
Priory SchoolPRIO
Problem of Thor BridgeTHOR
Red CircleREDC
Red-Headed LeagueREDH
Reigate SquiresREIG
Resident PatientRESI
Retired ColourmanRETI
Scandal in BohemiaSCAN
Second StainSECO
Shoscombe Old PlaceSHOS
Sign of the FourSIGN
Silver BlazeSILV
Six NapoleonsSIXN
Solitary CyclistSOLI
Speckled BandSPEC
Stockbroker's ClerkSTOC
Study in ScarletSTUD
Sussex VampireSUSS
Three Gables3GAB
Three Garridebs3GAR
Three Students3STU
Valley of FearVALL
Veiled LodgerVEIL
Wisteria LodgeWIST
Yellow FaceYELL




Story Title Abbreviation Notes


Many Sherlockian writings refer to the tales by using an abbreviation of the story title. The conventional abbreviations were devised by Jay Finley Christ and use four letters. This site uses the more common all-capital form (ABBE), but some writers use only a leading capital letter (Abbe).


Stories are listed in both abbreviation-order and title-order to simplify finding the desired cross-reference. The full title of many stories includes "The Adventure of" as a prefix, but this is not listed here in order to conserve space.


Jay Finley Christ, An Irregular Guide to Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, New York: Argus Books, 1947.



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